Restore Your Smile

The Crestwood Family Dental team is here to help restore your smile with crowns and bridges that are comfortable, seamless and designed for you. We offer a range of solutions using the latest technologies, made with high-quality materials like porcelain, ceramic, gold and porcelain fused to metal.

Whether you have a tooth that is stained, cracked, chipped, malformed or suffered a loss of structure due to decay—our team will create crowns and bridges that are tailored to your exact needs. At Crestwood Family Dental, we understand the importance of restoring smiles so our patients can feel confident in everyday life.

Not only do crowns and bridges function for aesthetic purposes, but they also help with talking and chewing! If you are concerned about a damaged or missing tooth, book a consultation at Crestwood Family Dental today. Call our clinic in Molendinar on (07) 5649 8661.

Dental Bridge Of 3 Teeth Over Molar - Mobile — Crestwood Family Dental In Molendinar, QLD — Crestwood Family Dental In Molendinar, QLD

What’s The Difference?

Many people are unsure of the difference between dental crowns and bridges. The main difference is that a crown is used to cover a tooth still attached to the jaw, while a bridge is used to close the gap left by one or more missing teeth. Both are used to restore aesthetics and function.

Crowns can be thought of as hollow caps that cover the visible part of the tooth from top to bottom. Not to be confused with veneers, which only cover the front of your tooth, crowns cover the whole tooth, adding additional structure where it may be lost. The colour, shape and structure of the crown are all designed to blend in seamlessly with surrounding teeth.

A dental bridge, on the other hand, is often made up of two or more crowns that have been fused together, with the middle section filling a gap left by missing teeth. This involves filing down two healthy teeth either side of the gap, so then the bridge can fit seamlessly into place.

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Avoid The Need For Restoration

Avoid the need for a crown or bridge restoration in the first place, with regular dental check-ups and cleans. This allows your dentist to check for cavities, gum disease and other signs of decay, providing treatments as needed.

Crestwood Family Dental offers a huge range of services for clients of all ages. You can rely on our friendly team to provide honest advice and treatment plans that are tailored to your needs and budget—helping you avoid structural damage to your teeth and gums.

For more information, get in touch with our dental team on (07) 5649 8661. Visit our clinic in Molendinar today!