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A great smile can create a long-lasting first impression. By combining regular dental check-ups in Molendinar alongside good oral hygiene at home we can help you to maintain a healthy smile both now and in the future. If you feel that it’s about time you underwent a general check-up and clean or you simply need peace of mind that your oral health is in good check, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr Parry at Crestwood Family Dental.

It’s never too late to start your journey towards a healthy smile so call us or book online today!

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A General Check Up And Clean in Molendinar – Why It’s Important

While regular dental check-ups are important, not everyone needs to visit the dentist every 6 months. In some cases – especially if you experience ongoing oral health problems – more frequent visits might be needed. In other cases, annual visits may be better.

Either way, regular visits give Dr Parry the chance to check your mouth for any oral health problems such as gum disease, tooth decay or oral cancer. This way, any problems can be dealt with in their early stages using simple treatments before they escalate.

In addition, professional dental cleaning here in Molendinar will also remove any hardened plaque known as calculus that has built up over time that can’t otherwise be removed with normal daily brushing alone. This ensures your teeth and gums remain healthy while acting as a preventative measure in the fight against gum disease.

Dental Check-ups in Molendinar – What’s involved?

Any new patients visiting our Crestwood family dentist for a check-up and clean will be asked about their dental and medical history before undergoing an oral examination. This is a non-invasive examination where Dr Parry will be looking for any signs of gum disease, tooth decay, abnormalities and oral cancer. Any findings will be discussed and where necessary a customised treatment plan will be drawn up.

Next, during the cleaning phase of a general check-up and clean here in Molendinar our dentist will carefully remove any hardened plaque from along the gum line and teeth using a special tool. This should be a comfortable experience although our dentist may offer an anaesthetic injection should the patient need it. Once all signs of plaque have been removed, the teeth are cleaned and polished to deliver a whiter, healthier, feel-good smile.

Regular dental check-ups here in Molendinar are the perfect way to ensure that your oral health remains on track so why not contact our friendly team at Crestwood family Dental today. We’re here for you whenever you’re ready, so call us on 07 5649 8661 or book online.