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Teeth Grinding Among Molendinar Patients And How We Can Help

Teeth grinding amongst our Molendinar patients is surprisingly common. Many people don’t even realise that they do it – That is until the problem is diagnosed by our dentist. Signs of teeth grinding (otherwise known as bruxism) can include extreme tooth sensitivity, severe enamel erosion, cracked or fractured teeth or facial or jaw pain. So, for many people, it’s almost a relief to be diagnosed with a specific problem.

Bruxism can be attributed to many causes, the most popular of which are anxiety or stress, However, it can also be triggered by jaw misalignment problems, recreational drug habits, caffeine, smoking and anger issues.

teeth grinding treatment Molendinar

How Can We Help With Teeth Grinding?

Because the majority of teeth grinding occurs at night during sleep, it can be a difficult problem to spot, unless of course, you happen to be a bed partner who is regularly kept awake by the grinding noise. This is why it’s often first diagnosed when you attend a routine dental check-up.

Thankfully, there are things that we can do to help.

Our teeth grinding treatment in Molendinar includes:

  • Preventative measures such as custom mouthguards, designed to be worn comfortably over the teeth at night – These prevent the teeth from coming into contact with one another during sleep.
  • Dental restorations to the chewing surfaces of the teeth or dental crowns to provide  further protection.
  • Relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. 

Teeth grinding treatment in Molendinar – Collaborating for Success

We’re proud to be able to access the expertise of a whole host of allied healthcare and clinical professionals when tackling the issue surrounding teeth grinding. So, while we get on with tackling the symptoms of teeth grinding like extreme teeth sensitivity, cracked or chipped teeth, worn tooth enamel or jaw pain, we can also refer you to other clinical specialists who can help you to overcome the underlying causes of teeth grinding. These include clinical psychologists, drug counsellors, anger and stress management specialists or in the case of sleep apnoea or hyperactivity – medical doctors.

Collectively we can pool our expertise to bring about effective teeth grinding treatment in Molendinar that works.

teeth grinding treatment Molendinar

If you suspect that you or your bed partner may indeed suffer from teeth grinding, call our Molendinar dentist today. The team at Crestwood Family Dental can put the steps in place to get you the help you need both dentally and medically.